June 26 - July 1, 2023
Bloomingdale School of Music
323 West 108th Street
New York, NY
Piano Day Camp For Adults
I know from experience that this is an extremely valuable opportunity for amateur pianists and teachers. I have sent many pupils to these workshops and have received nothing but raves from them. Highly recommended.
Seymour Bernstein

Typical Pianophoria! Day

9:30 Coffee hour
10:00 Practice
11:00 Group activity
12:00 Practice
1:00 Lunch1
2:00 Practice
3:00 Workshop or master class or special presentation2
4:30 Four-hand ensembles, including two-piano (ends at 5:30)

Each student will receive private instruction everyday.

There will be an informal recital at the end of the week.

1 Lunch is not provided but there are many possibilities for a nutritious meal in the neighborhood.
2 Presentations will include lecture-demonstrations on piano technique and ensemble playing, guest lecturers on historical topics relating to pianists and piano playing, and optional body work such as daily stretches.

Photography by Catherine Kirkpatrick